But this guy was shocked when it happened to him. The urban Hip Hop community is no stranger to this sort of treatment and after watching these videos, it seems like brutality is becoming a cross-over trend. {I do however want to commend the officers who are working hard to protect and serve our communties..it's just that too often, some officers get too trigger happy} Watch the videos to see what I mean...Do you think excessive force was used?

Then there is this video, describing the incident, before the footage was released.

[found videos on philly.tv]
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ZODCORE said... @ October 1, 2009 at 2:15 PM

I don't have alot of respect for Police Men(and women) and ill tell you why:

They're easily corupted and they bug the hell out of you thats why

FBI,CIA, etc., those guys(and gals) are actually making a difference in the streets like keeping child touchers off our land, I get that.

Life (im sure) is hard for a police ofc. Not only do they get paid shitty but they have to deal with all the shitty problems that these shitty people dish out........wait a min................that's............that's the LIFE STYLE I'VE BEEN LOOKING FOR!! YEEPEE!!!!!!!