Mase – I Do The Impossible Mixtape

He sounds much better without Diddy.
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Yeah, I know this guy is on my blog alot, but you have to blame 50 CENT for that. He is a genius when it comes to self-marketing and promotion and does a good job at interacting with us writers. Through his own social-media tools, he personally interacts with his fans and listeners. He's open with the public, always quick to explain his actions whether we agrees with him or not. A lot of other rappers that I've met over the years work hard to separate themselves from their audience, trying to place themselves on a higher pedestal. But here is a man who captializes greatly by taking an opposite approach of putting himself on the same level as everyone else. So I continue to write about 50 because he hasn't given me any reasons not to.

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{New track!!!} T.I. ft Brandon & Big Kuntry – Let Em Talk


T.I. sets the record straight with his new hit. Everyone is patiently awaiting his release from prison. If this nut get into anymore trouble, I'm going to the A.T.L. personally, to kick his ass! He is way too talented to go up the river again...Congrats to him and Tiny..Word has it that they'll be married upon his release.
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Beanie Sigel Raps about Killing Jay Z!!!

There has always been a fine line between rap music and real life, but has Beanie taken it too far with his "I Can Just Kill Jigga Man" lyrics? I can definitely understand someone being pissed at the person they feel is the blame for loss of income, but some Rappers need to keep in mind that their messages are being heard by the masses.

In a twisted sort of way, you have to admire Beanie's standing up to one of Rap music's biggest Giants. But I really don't think his MOUTH should write a check his ASS can't cash. If Beanie can utilize diplomacy, he may have a victory on his hands...he may be able to gather more empathy from a larger audience. But with the use of this tactic, he cuts his support off at the knees.

Beanie is gonna have some folks admire him for threatening Jay Z. He's going to be a little successful in demonstrating that Jay Z ain't all what he's hyped up to be. However, in the bigger scheme of things (ie. getting a record deal with a super-huge international label, guaranteeing a larger audience) Beanie is gonna be marked as a Hitman rather than a professional business. However, I don't think Beanie cares at this point.

KRS 1 made a point, they should battle and let the ppl judge and make it a pay per view and collect money for a good cause. What do YOU think?

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15 new episodes of Boondocks Season 3 will premier in "January or February of 2010" according to And I can't bleeping wait because this is my favorite show of all time. Well-written, well-directed, well-acted, it's an unique show that brings unadulterated humor to the realities of ghetto life. It pushes the envelope and might be offensive to some. But at the end of the day, it is what it is, and no one can deny how fearless and bold this show is.

The 2nd season included a diverse group of guest celebrities, including Lil Wayne, Cee-Lo, Tichina Arnold, Tavis Smiley, Katt Williams, Mos Def, Xzibit, Monica, Ghostface Killah, and Busta Rhymes, just to name a few. The stars of the show are Regina King and John Witherspoon. I am so looking forward to seeing who the 3rd season will include. But it doesn't matter as long as the show goes on....

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RAKIM'S - THE SEVENTH SEAL HAS ARRIVED!! Listen to snipet of Album below...

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Thanks to my homies at for sharing...
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Illinois Rapper, Pennjamin Bannekar hit the nail on the head when it came to busting out with street credible hits without all the glitter. We say, just what the industry needs...

Lisa Ford: For all of us dummies who don’t already know, tell us… who is Pennjamin Bannekar?

Pennjamin Bannekar is also known as Penn the god and is 1/3 of the group Project: Fr3sh. I consider myself to be more than a rapper or an artist. I really view myself as a story teller that uses music as a background or landscape to bring my stories to life and in doing that, I hope that listeners are able to connect with them.

Lisa: "Crime Pays" details the reality of just what some young brothers may have thought about doing when they had no way out. What is the biggest lesson you want to send to them?

Penn: Crime Pays is that fork in the road that I think we have all been at in one point of our lives. And like the title says "Crime Pays" but how long does it pay is the question?? But some people choose to ignore that part of the equation and ignore the negative consequences of their actions and do it anyway. As a human being I can't fault anybody for making that choice, if anything I want people to know I understand why the choice was made.

Lisa: In your opinion, what are the odds of a young brother pulling himself out the warzone of the streets and becoming a successful recording artist? And what do you think is a way of beating those odds?

Penn: That's a great question and I really dont know how to answer it. When you look at this music industry as a whole, it's pretty damn hard to get into it having a regular 9-5 and then to become a successful recording artist on top of that is an even greater challenge! But now adding on to the challenge of getting into the music industry and before becoming successful, you first have to survive your environment and then be good enough as an artist to rise above everybody else that is trying to do what you are doing... It's a tough task to say the least! Furthermore, look at how many people are trying to be artists these days? I'm sure the odds are long whether you are from the hood or the burbs. The odds are definitely against you. Hell, fighting the odds is a battle in itself!

Lisa: "The Come UP" is sick. Definitely something people need on their IPOD’s. I know your homie, D.C. from Cali laid down the track for you Tell us how this partnership between you two came about?

Penn: Kream is responsible for introducing us to each other. She had been paying attention to the 31 Verses in 31 Days series that I was doing and thought that we would mesh well together. After the initial introduction, d.C. probably sent over 70 beats in 2 days and I was just going through picking out what I wanted to rhyme over. Actually, "The Come Up" was the first song that I recorded over a d.C. beat. After we finished "The Come Up", we began to do more and more songs (we have tons of stuff that you havent heard yet). If I can speak for d.C., we have made some dope music together and if you like "The Come Up" wait til you hear our other joints!

Lisa: Tell us some of the ways you were able to step up to the forefront in the industry and what it took to reach the level of popularity you are on now?

Penn: Being a part of the group Project: Fr3sh has contributed to a lot of my popularity in general. People associate Pennjamin Bannekar with Project: Fr3sh and I am thankful for that affiliation because without PF3 who knows where I would be? And getting to this level was not coincendental at all (not saying that I am where I want to be) but this is somethin I live and breathe with everyday. There are no vacations or off days when you have a destination you are determined to get to and although I can see a glimpse of the light, it's not bright enough where I am standing so I HAVE TO KEEP MOVING AHEAD.

Lisa: Who were your HIP HOP musical influences and in your opinion, do you Hip Hop still represent what’s going on in the streets?

Penn: My favorite rapper of all time is Andre 3000 so wanting to be as good as he is at his craft is one of my biggest motivating factors. I love Kanye West and Jay-Z. If I could pattern my career after them I would think that my career would be a successful one. In addition to those 3, I love Elzhi (he is unreal) from Slum Village, Royce Da 5'9", Eminem, I know he is relatively new on the mainstream scene but I like Drake a lot, Common, and Biggie to name a few. But I'm a huge r&b head as well. Michael Jackson is my all-time favorite artist (I'm listening to Thriller demo sessions as I am doing this interview) but I like the Isley Brothers, Prince, Bobby Brown, Usher, and even the Dream.

I think as a whole, hip hop represents whats going to make these labels some quick money. I think thats why everything sounds the same and its so watered down now... it's almost painful to listen to the radio these days b/c everything is damn near the same.

Lisa: What does the future hold for Penn Bannekar?

Penn: Where do we need to be looking for your hot music? The future is brighter than even I can see. It holds positive things that I can't even fathom yet but I know it will come to be because I am truly on the right track to realize that future. You can find my music at, and but my favorite thing to tell people that ask where they can find my music... Google Pennjamin Bannekar lol
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2PAC- OUT ON BAIL!!! Remastered Demo(pac’s 1st rejected demo)!!!!!!!!!(FIXED LINK)

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2PAC - STRAIGHT BALLIN' {track on the mixtape}

The following story is by my homies at I appreciate them for sharing this rare mixtape of my favorite Rapper, 2PAC. 2PAC is proof that there is life after death. His strong list of followers continue to share and expand his legacy which will probably be prolonged from generations to come....Lisa

To everyone wondering what this is this is Pac’s First Rejected Demo, It Is A Combination Of Songs Meant For Thug Life ‘Out On Bail’ Original Release That Was Rejected 2 Times By Interscope Records. (It Contains The True Original Version Of ‘Out On Bail’ In Close CDQ And ‘Runnin From The Police’ True Original Version Is Included Here In Close CDQ As Well)
This is a cd made from the DIRECT MASTER TAPE not no 5th generation copied tape with crap quality!

01 – Out On Bail (Original Thug Life Version)
02 – Runnin Feat Stretch, Dramacydal, Notorious Big and Bujo Banton (Original Unreleased Version)
03 – Judgement Day Feat Stretch, Mopreme and Dee The Madd ***** (Original Demo Version)
04 – High Till I Die Feat Rated R & Macodoshis (Original Demo Version)
05 – Str8 Ballin (Original Demo Version)
06 – Gettin Money (Original Demo Version)
07 – Faced Shoutouts(Original Demo Version)
08 – Old School (Original Solo Demo)
09 – Only Fear Of Death (Original Demo)
10 – Thug Life Feat Big Syke and Prince Ital Joe (Original Demo Version)
11 – Niggaz In The Pen Feat Macadoshis and Mouse Man (Original Demo Version)
12 – Cradle 2 The Grave (Original Thug Life Version)
13 – Time 2 Get My Drank On (Unreleased Interlude)
14 – Is It Cool 2 **** Feat Macadoshis (Original Version With Intro)
15 – My Definition Of A Thug Nigga (Original Demo Version)
16 – Lie To Kick It Feat Richie Rich (Original Demo Version)
17 – Holla If Ya Hear Me Feat Live Squad (Original Demo Version)
18 – Bury Me A G Feat Natasha Walker (Original Demo Version)


[Link & Track list also provided by]
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Eminem - The Warning (Response to Obsessed) Mariah Carey And Nick Cannon Diss

It took Mariah Carey to bring back the old Eminem. When Eminem runs out of juice and starts putting out wack music, all he has to do is make it personal, like he did with this hit, and then HE'S BACK! Mariah, I love you, but I wouldn't mess with Eminem anymore...smh..not after this....
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Shabazz Palaces by Digable Planet's Ishmael Butler

Just a Preview...Sucka Free Week continues
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When hip-hop trio Digable Planets emerged in the early 90s, their memorable moniker raised eyebrows. What, exactly, did it mean? The name sprang, they explained, from the notion that every individual is a planet. But the unique worlds that their tracks mapped out were not insular ones; as their Grammy-winning hit Rebirth Of Slick (Cool Like Dat)" would prove, the Planets were primed to connect with audiences weary of the aggressive posturing of gangsta rap.

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CHINGY Too Commercialized for Charlamange Tha God

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Digable Planets - Tide Commercial

My favorite neo-soul rappers will never be off the map because they will always be on a planet of their own. Check out Diagable Planets at and new TIDE commercial below....

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His new track after the whole VMA incident. I think his title is a little satiric as to describe what people say when they're talking about HIM, and not the other way around. Anyways, let's keep it about the music. What do you all think about Kanye's new track?
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NEW SNOOP!! (2 tracks)


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Yo, I'm really feeling this dude. He's out of Orlando, FL. Sounds like he's about to put out some real hardcore music. Check out the song I have posted below titled, 7/11, before you click on the widget, and let me know what you think? Peace! Lisa


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SLUM VILLAGE is "DOPE MAN" {new track}

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New Slum Village since major member, Baatin's death,near the first of August of this year. Make sure you catch his verse. He is dope as usual. Dope Man is a track included on the online-only Villa Manifesto Digital EP. The full blown album, Villa Manifesto will be released in 2010. Slum village continues the represent the music industry from Detroit. Glad their doing new things to keep Motown alive.

[found track on]
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WHODINI !! - Was against Commercialized Hip-Hop!

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[Story posted by my homie - John-Trinity Range]

If you listen carefully to the undertone of this song, you'll see that Whodini is actually making a profound statement about the evolution of hip-hop. The lead of the song expresses how true hip-hop is FROM THE HEART... It should never be originated by a "machine", commercialized, watered down, or altered in anyway tha...t would suggest - artificial, superficial, replica of OUR LIFE & TIMES. Have we finally reached that day and age where the TRUE MC is pushed of the stage.... (Nas, Common, Lauryn Hill, Talib Kweli, Black Thought, Andre 3000, Ceelo, KRS-ONE, Rakim) and instead we have replaced them with the Commercialized Rap Machine that duplicates sounds to seek success? (Soulja Boy, Jay-Z, 50 Cent, etc.)

[Listen and tell us your thoughts via Twitter, Facebook, Or LF's Blog]

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Triple C’s "Chickn Talkn" Feat. Mack 10 And Warren G

I found this video on but tried real hard to find it without the Rick Ross part. The song is on fire (anything with Warren G in it, usually is) but for the first 2 minutes of the video, Rick Ross is showing off all of his jewelry. He had some very beautiful pieces but I didn't understand what it had to do with the video. Nevertheless....check it out
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I've provided a test so you could find out. And make sure you email me, facebook me, DM me on twitter, or tell me your results on this blog because I am so curious and want to know more about my readers :-)

I know that we all just absolutely love our Hip Hop music. But at times it can be extremely sexually suggestive making our hormones rage, which could get us into trouble. So take the test to find out if you're a love machine, or just outta control. I'm sure your inquiring mind wants to know too.....

CLICK HERE to take test for Lisa F. who started the #sexadvice trending Topic today on

[Thanks to singer/actress Tondy Gallant for sharing test with blog]
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Lauren London on Maury Povich!! {A Lil Wayne parody} LMAO!!

Now I hate to make fun of people, but this video is too hilarious.

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Katt Williams Says He Didn't Rob Nobody!!

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50 CENT Sues WorldStarHipHop!!!!

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After years of working with Eminem, D12 and the entire Shady family, Shady Record’s highest selling solo artist (minus Em of course), Obie Trice is now defiantly grinding on his own. As Obie Trice prepares this first non-Shady album, he’s released the “don’t call it a comeback” cut Got Hungry, a street banger of a track produced by up-and-comer MoSS and additionally featuring cuts by DJ Grouch

Read more: at
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MORE NEW MUSIC!!!! {new music week continues...}

Mannie Fresh Pictures






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Another P.Diddy ex-artist who has lost because of Bad Boy!!
By Lisa Ford

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Mark Curry’s novel, Dancing with the Devil: How Puff Burned the Bad Boys of Hip Hop, describes why the majority of former Bad Boy artists crashed and burned after signing recording contracts with Diddy. Music fans have been wondering for years why Bad Boy artists ultimately don’t prosper while under Diddy’s thumb. Some say that the Bad Boy Entertainment label is cursed…and the fate of Diddy’s former artists stems from a coincidental bouts bad luck. Diddy responded via a radio promo tour stating that he did not intentionally set out to bankrupt his artist even though they all are f#*cked up financially right now, including Shyne who is being deported. But Curry writes that Diddy (who he still refers to as Puffy or Puff Daddy) was instrumental in all of the unfortunate fates of former Bad Boy artist. Here’s what he had to say….

Lisa: Knowing what you know now, what would you have done differently regarding your relationship with Bad Boy?

Mark Curry: I wouldn’t have signed a 3rd-party deal. I really didn’t need Bad Boy or Sean Combs to be so much involved in my career as far as marketing and things of that nature. I don’t really feel that there’s a person who can market a star. If you are destined to be great and you’re going to get that attention anyhow. Other than that, I’m happy with what I’ve done and with the decisions I’ve made

Lisa: Puffy said on one of his Making The Band episodes, “I'ma keep it real, I'm telling this to the whole world, I DON'T LET NOBODY OUTTA THEIR CONTRACT. OKAY, THIS IS A BUSINESS." Does that statement make you mad all over again?

Mark: No but it reminds me of how ignorant a person can be. I was always taught that only a fool doesn’t change. Change is something that comes with life but basically he’s saying that he’s not willing to change.

Lisa: In spite of all of the things you mentioned in your book regarding how Puff screwed the Bad Boy artists, do you think Puff is a good business man…why or why not?

Mark: No, I don’t think he’s a good business man…because if he was a good business man then he would be doing good business. I judge good business by good turn-outs. He may have all of these MTV shows but look at the first Making the Band show, for example…the artists who helped launched that show such as, Choppa, Sara, and Fred. They too, aren’t doing anything now. And it’s hard to then go back and explain to your parents and family how at one point, you were on top, and then now, you’re nothing.

Lisa: And it’s sad because the music business is one of the industries where struggling talented African Americans could possibly grow and prosper…and it appears as if he may have took advantage of the that system.

Mark: I listened to his interview (in particular, his radio interview with Angela Yee late September), and Puff stated, “I started with nothing and no one ever gave me anything.” But now that he does have something, he shouldn’t put the fact that ‘no one gave him anything’ over everybody else’s head and expect them to go through the same things he went through. That defeats the purpose of him going through it.


Lisa: Upon reading the book, it seems as if you feel that rap artist, Shyne, took one of the worst hits in being affiliated with Puffy. Are you still friends with him?

Mark: I still keep in touch with all the artists and I don’t have anything against any of the artist at Bad Boy because we’ve all been through the same war. As far as Shyne, I have a genuine love for Shyne. We lived in New York together in Puff’s old house on 35th (between 2nd and 3rd streets). His mother and grandmother use to be concerned about him and I’d promised to look out for him. I was more concerned with him becoming a strong young man…and fortunately his experience made him stronger. I am proud that Shyne was able to go through what he went through and soon he’s coming home. And I’m sure he will have an interesting story to tell.

Lisa: It’s messed up how Biggie died broke when he was Puff’s #1 artist…Do you think Puffy would be as successful as he is if Biggie were alive?

Mark: I think he would be more successful because it was Big’s legacy that made Puff a star. Big’s albums bring in income for Bad Boy.

Lisa: Do you believe that Puff put enough money into the research or has done enough to find Big’s killer? And why do you think no one has found Big’s killer?

Mark: Not enough investigation has been done to find Big’s killer but in the book, it tells you where it all stems from. It’s not hard to put it together who Big’s killer might be.

Lisa: Puff has escaped jail time and retaliation. What do you want to see happen as a result of his actions towards you and the other members of Bad Boy Entertainment?

Mark: I think Puff should look at how much people have helped him to become who he is, and give them what they rightfully deserve. Puff is a combination of a lot of producers, a lot of artists, etc. You’re not looking at an individual who became rich from working hard. You’re looking at an individual who became rich off of everybody else’s hard work. And I want him to say I’m sorry. I want him to realize that what he’s done not only affected his artist, but their families and their children. He destroyed dreams.

Lisa: What do you think the biggest enemies to Hip Hop are right now?

Mark: The enemies are the higher executives in the industry. Sex, money, and drugs sell albums so they want artists to promote that. But this brings us down as a people and makes us look stupid. And it makes us look like that the only things we know how to do is sell drugs and degrade women. We are smarter people than that and our culture is smarter than that. And they are not giving us credit. So I won’t fault the messenger. It’s the execs who determine what kinds of songs get played on the radio for our kids to listen to.

P-Diddy and His Posse in SOUTH PARK'S "Douche and Turd" [pic from Comedy Central]
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NEW MUSIC WEEK {continues} !!!!!!!!






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NEW MIXTAPE: Lil Wayne - No Ceilings


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LIL WAYNE -WATCH MY SHOES [fr No Ceilings mixtape]
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This is some of his previously published music...he new mixtape drops on November the 16th!

Find more music like this on On Da Grind entertainment
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BET AWARDS Freestyle Cypher 2009 Part 3 Eminem Mos Def Black Thought

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This is by far one of the best videos ever. Christopher Walken kills it. First,my favorite actor of all times, and now music video vixen...smh...I had no choice but to show this off!
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WYCLEF'S NEW ALBUM "From The Hut, To The Projects, To The Mansion" Available November 10th!!!

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CLICK TO DONATE to Wyclef's Foundation YELE.ORG...Dedicated to helping Haiti thrive!

“Ready or Not” Live Performance from Kenya MTV MAMAs Rehearsal
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NEW 50 CENT MUSIC!! PSYCHO ft EMINEM from "Before I Self Destruct"

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Thanks 50 for the leak!
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Hopefully the US will let one of these record labels sponsor him so he came come back to finish his album. [I found pics on]
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