Diddy's interview with Angela Yee seemed to be a little controlled. If anything, it was definitely biased to favor Diddy rather than objective, which would have favored the facts. We all know that 99.9% of former Bad Boy artists were either left broke, incarercated, or dead. Is that a coincidence or is Diddy just guy who'd opened his arms to the wrong people. Why can't we hear from Diddy himself about the real fates of Black Rob, Mark Curry, the Lox, G-Dep, Total, Joc, Shyne, etc. He states in the interview that some of these guys did 2-3 albums which is about average for a rapper, but never once did any of these people had a true chance to shine. They all had enough talent to sustain a lengthy career, so I think what Diddy is saying in the interview is bullsh#t, sorry to say. [Diddy pic from tourdates.co.uk]

Angela Yee didn't ask any hard questions and Puffy gave a bunch of fluff fluff answers to the questions that she did ask. Maybe they don't understand that we (music lovers) just don't care about Bad Boy anymore because BB's artist never go anywhere. They should know that we want some damn answers because what we Do care about are the REAL reasons as to why rappers who sign with him can't be prosperous like him. No one has gotten over Biggie's death and the fact that he died nearly broke to the point where Diddy had to produce a song with Faith to raise money for Biggie's family. Why don't Diddy elaborate on that? And I don't even want to get into Shyne's case..that's a whole notha' story for another time.

I do however, remember a Shyne interview where the reporter was instructed not to ask him any hard questions. Reporter Craig Lindsey who conducted the Shyne interview stated, "Right before the interview starts, one of the Bad Boy reps gives me the ground rules: Don’t talk about the trial, don’t talk about any crime-related issues, don’t talk about any “beefs” the artist has with anyone. “If any of these topics come up, the interview will be terminated.” (Read Lindsey / Shyne story HERE) Did Angela Yee receive any similar instructions prior to her interview with Diddy? This interview seemed like a tease and gave us half the facts. [Shyne's pic from wikimusicguide.com]

So in response, I posted this comment on Yee's website... [In this interview, it doesn't seemed like Diddy addressed the hardcore accusations made against him regrading his treatment of all former BB artists. For example, Yee didn't even bring up Mark Curry or what was mentioned in the book. Ultimately, rappers end up broke or in jail when dealing with Diddy. Maybe Yee was instructed not to bring up certain issues..this was just an interview to promote an album..it left me uninformed.]

Below is one of three parts interview. If you really want to see the rest of it click HERE to Yee's website. In the meanwhile, watch the video below and let me know what YOU think. We all know the truth so I just want to see Diddy apologize to some of these guys... for real!

NEWS UPDATE!!!!!! VIDEO of Diddy not really acknowledging the fate of former BB artists has been removed because journalists are no longer allowed to play it on websites. The only video Yee will give us access to is Part 1 where Diddy is promoting his album (of course)...so that is the video i have posted below just for reference purposes. If you want to see part 2, you have to click on the link I've provided above to her website. I wonder what the change of heart is all about. I told you this whole thing is controlled.

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ZODCORE said... @ September 28, 2009 at 7:06 PM

With money you can get away with alot of stuff...execept death. Once put in a position, you may not now what you'll do. Im not defending DIDDY, he did wanted to do. In the end ya gota put a price on something.....and anything...and maybe sometimes..... everything

md20737 said... @ September 30, 2009 at 10:04 AM

Diddy got money bc he hunts for talented people with that crave the limelight and dont care about business..If you are still trying to get signed to bad boy after knowing how hes done folks in the last 10 years you are going to get what you deserve & I cant feel bad for your lust for fame because you will never make money there.