Check out these videos. My favorite person in the world, Bill Maher, interviewed Jay Z on Aug. 28th and was enlightened by a legend about the mechanics of Hip Hop culture. One thing Jay Z didn't make clear in the interview is why he loosely used the word HOES in most of his songs to describe women. This is primarily why I didn't buy any of his albums, except one, THE BLACK that case, I couldn't resist. But there were a lot of things about our history, that even I didn't understand until I heard Jay Z speak. LISTEN:

Jay-Z's Blueprint 3 Coming Out On September 11th. Album's release would come eight years to the day after release of first Blueprint. Read more the Blueprint 3's release at HERE
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FIRST OFF!! (What's on Lisa Ford's mind!) L.Wayne

Sexual Fantasies, Night Sweats, and Lil’ Wayne?? WTF!


Lil’ Wayne is doing rock music right now. He’s so hot on the charts, if he came out with a country album, it will probably go Platinum…And I would probably download the songs on my IPOD. Can somebody please tell me what is it about this man that keeps him in my psyche?

Seriously, every time I turn on the radio, I hear Lil’ Wayne. I turn on the TV, and there’s Lil’ Wayne giving interviews on all the entertainment and music channels. So I switch the dial to the Music Channel on Demand…all Lil’ Wayne videos. I turn on my satellite radio to escape the madness…nothing but that underground Lil’ Wayne on the Hip Hop stations. Now out of options, I checked for new artist to listen to. I request that Brisco joint, “In The Hood.” It’s featuring Lil’ Wayne. Ok, I say to myself, what about that new Drake, “Best I Ever Had”? That’s featuring Lil’ Wayne too! Damn!


Images of Lil’ Wayne performing his music dominated my thoughts and smothered me to the point of sleeplessness. I remember when rap music was different, when it signified our generation’s adversities and portrayed the urban-America struggle. But Rap went mainstream. And the material-girl images of new school rap digs its claws into me, draws me in, even though sometimes I know, those images are not realistic or something I should cling to.

This haunted me, until one night…I lied down for a good night’s sleep, and woke up in someone else’s bedroom on the other side of town. I was lying on a bed pushed up against a sheer curtain blowing from a cracked-opened sliding glass door. I actually felt the strong breeze blowing against my skin. And Lil’ Wayne was naked and lying next to me! WTF!

…Apparently we had just finished doing what is too graphic to describe in detail (no kidding, I dreamed I had sex with Lil’ Wayne…twice!). I was shocked during and after the dream. I woke up in a sweat, still experiencing the after shocks of our lovemaking. This man was engraved so deep in my brain, until I’m having sexual fantasies about him? I must have been hypnotized.

Something I didn’t imagine myself gravitating to so strongly, over time, had seduced me. And that’s what this dream…I mean, nightmare, was about. I realized that I am an addict, addicted to rap music in all forms. And because of Lil’ Wayne’s dominance over our culture through his music, I can’t break free, even as I grow older and wiser.

I need a 12-step program that draws me back to Nas, Sade, and The Roots. But me and
Lil’ Wayne already did it twice, and now he wants to give me my favorite…a 3-PEAT!

Oh, just remembered...Lil' Wayne is on the Boondocks too!!

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Rihanna was fortunate enough to have the support of major artists such as Jay Z rallying around her after the whole Chris Brown situation. She took the avenue not to be a spokesperson for battered women, but to focus solely on her music. A lot of artists take this stance (i.e. Lil Wayne w/ Katie Couric), that they’re not in this business to be role models…only artists with the sole purpose of entertaining. But many believe that since these entertainers are in the public eye, and have an opportunity to influence millions people at a time, that they should embrace that opportunity to inform and enlighten, as well as entertain.

At some point, I, too, believe artists should care to a certain extent, about the people who support their music careers. Rihanna had the opportunity to steer other young women away from abusive relationships, simply by speaking about how she felt when she found herself in that situation. But at the same time, had she spoken out, she may have permanently been labeled a ‘battered victim’, which could have harmed a music career that is attached to an 'image' of her being a powerful and strong woman.

Did Jay Z do Rihanna's image a favor by shielding her from the public and guiding her not to make a stand for this issue affecting millions of young women and girls? I was reading, on the release of the battered Rihanna police photo, and they stressed on the rare instances in which the media gives light to violence against women of color. They talked about how from the jump, this story hinged from an angle of victim-blaming, from blaming Rihanna for "giving Brown herpes" to "cheating on him with Jay-Z." The narrative was clear; that sometimes it is OK to beat a woman.

This is where Rihanna could have stepped stressing to young women that it is never ok to be struck or victimized. She could have rebuked all of those who felt she 'deserved' it. And maybe even endorsed a charity dedicated to battered women's shelters. With her popularity, she could have raised millions of dollars to help women. But she still remains silent on this issue.

Maybe she didn't speak up on it because maybe she don't believe that she's not deserving of an ass whippin'. I mean look at her actions, she went back to a man who threatened and nearly killed her. It took a court order to keep her away from him. I can only speculate but it goes to show if you don't stand for something, you'll fall for anything.

But deep down inside, even though Rihanna hadn’t spoken on this matter, I don't believe she wanted to send the message that it’s okay to get your ass kicked. Maybe she believes that her case is isolated and doesn't contribute to the epidemic of the growing number of domestic abuse cases in this country and in the world of Hip Hop (see Elizabeth's Berry interview below). For Rihanna, not speaking on her situation may have sent a message that even though bad things happen to you, you should find the strength to carry on with business as usual, rather than to have your moment of ‘victimization’, define you and the future path that your life takes. But what have we gathered so far through Rihanna's actions? That she's not strong enough to make a stand.

Maybe when she gains some stamina and more stability within her career, which is obviously more important to her than standing for a cause, she will finally drill into young women that it’s never ok to get your ass beat by anybody, for any reason, at any time. Love doesn’t hurt. Let’s hope she expresses that either through her speech or her music.



Beyond Chris Brown and Rihanna: An interview with Elizabeth Mendez Berry

Jay Smooth of Ill Doctrine has a great interview up with Elizabeth Mendez Berry, who wrote a 2005 Vibe magazine article Love Hurts- "Rap's Black Eye", about domestic violence and the hip hop community. Check out the video regarding that article. I'm a little perturbed that the HIP HOP community isn't taking a bigger stance on this issue!!!

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POLITIC...ING- Black marriage


Many remain single and childless, according to new research
Michelle Obama may have become an archetypal African-American female success story — law career, strong marriage, happy children — but the reality is often very different for other highly educated black women.

They face a series of challenges in navigating education, career, marriage and child-bearing, dilemmas that often leave them single and childless even when they’d prefer marriage and family, according to a research study recently presented at the American Sociological Society’s annual meeting in San Francisco.

Yale researchers Natalie Nitsche and Hannah Brueckner argued that “marriage chances for highly educated black women have declined over time relative to white women.” Women of both races with postgraduate educations “face particularly hard choices between career and motherhood,” they said, “but especially in the absence of a reliable partner.” Read the rest of the story on MSNBC HERE

HIP HOP LOVE!! Post your Comments and let The Lisa Ford Blogspot know how you feel about love. Do you believe that there is a chance for love in our generation to survive? It seems these days that's it's hard for men and women to trust one another...and our expectations of one another are too high. Let us know what you think. Is there a chance to heal one another?? Comment on this or the story above about high achieving black women issues with marriage.
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In The Spotlight-Mike Vick

photo by pellegrininat
What I Did Was Horrendous

**GLOBAL GRIND EXCLUSIVE** I'm sorry. That's the place where I need to begin. My feeling of remorse. I ain't never written a blog before, so putting my thoughts down on paper is a challenge - however it's a challenge I must face. I can look a 250 pound linebacker in his eyes at the line of scrimmage and have no fear. But expressing myself when I know that there are millions of people who are so angry with me, and rightfully so, is a challenge unlike any other I have faced before.

What I did was horrendous. Awful. Inhumane. And I've no excuses for my actions. It makes my heart hurt now to think about what I've done. And I'm gonna be real honest, it took a while for me to get to this place.

Sitting in a prison cell didn't make me feel remorse....(to read the rest of HERE)

Mike Vick :0 Pictures, Images and Photos

Mike Vick in training..he still has that good arm.

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CHECK OUT THIS CRAZY PIC POSTED ON PHILLYD.TV..Does this mean the dogs have forgiven Mike?
This pic is just dead-ass wrong? Lol!
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IN MUSIC NEWS...Amanda Blank


Ok I told myself I’m gonna’ expand my horizons and put some alternative Hip Hop on the blog…Frankly, I'm getting sick of the same ole’ bullcrap that radio stations are pumping out...and how they play the same old repetitions of straight garbage! I found a diamond buried in the game...Amanda Blank, where have you been all my life?? The list of artists that can sing, rap, write amazing pop songs and perform them with irresistible charisma is very small. The list of female performers that can do all of that is even smaller and Amanda Blank is about to rise to the top of that list with her debut album, I Love You.

Talk about girl power, a combination of strength and sex appeal. Though the frank sexual demeanor present in much of her work has taken some by surprise, coming from a confident, outspoken female it is ultimately empowering, relevant, and fun as hell. At the root of it is a woman looking to take listeners to a place where excitement and unhindered self-expression is accepted as the norm. On Amanda’s Myspace page, you can check out some of the songs on her album…All I can say is… it’s INSANE! Check out the rest of her bio HERE

Her music video for MIGHT LIKE YOU BETTER is dope! She takes alternative rap to a whole notha' level. I can't say enough about her flow riding against the rhythm and backdrop of some wicked production. About time! Something hot!

Amanda Blank - Might Like You Better

Learn a little more about her in this interview with We need more artist like this to take over!!

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I had a chance to speak with Rap star, ACEHOOD, in the back of his pimped-out Escalade as we both sat outside debating whether or not to go inside a popular night club in North Miami. Both of us decided to ditch the club, and he gave me this interview, instead...

LISA: How were you able to break through and become known in the industry… because you know a lot of people are trying, but not everybody makes it?

ACEHOOD: Basically, I got hot in the streets. I started with a local label, Dollars and Deals, b4 I got with Khaled. So we got hot in the streets I had a little single, MOE, that’s actually the single Khaled heard and ended up loving it. He loved my swag and liked what I was doing. I hear his starvation and hunger through music. We ended up poppin' off from there, through We The Best Music. Mainly how I broke through in the industry was being hot in the city and staying relevant and putting out music for the people

LISA: You were freestyling on MTV Jams, and showed you had a lot of talent. How long have you’ve been in music?

ACEHOOD: I’ve been doing for about 7 years. Music has always been apart of my life, although I played ball which was my first priority. But I ended up getting hurt and I gave up football and took over music. I got serious with it in the middle of high school. I mean, I went full-force with it and my manager AD is still my manger today. He just went hard behind me, promotions everything. We did what we had to do.

LISA: Tell me about your very first single, RIDE. (Although, I love OVERTIME too)

ACEHOOD: RIDE is crazy. No matter where I go, New York, Atlanta, Philly, no matter where in the part of the world I go, they just love it. We had to do a song for the ladies. It’s a relevant record because everybody that’s in the hood, everybody who’s in the situation when you’re down and out and you got that one lady who was there for you…every dude want get out the hood and build a better life for her. I came up with that concept, started the track and put that hook on it, and I put those hit lyrics on it and made it do what it do.

LISA: OVERTIME (and your other songs) are chart-toppers. What do you contribute that to?

ACEHOOD: It’s because my music is real music. I deliver real music and I gave it to them as a youngster, but I also give it so them from actually a grown man’s point of view. I make great music. I mean not to knock on anybody else, but I make relevant music to what’s going on now and days. That’s why my songs can sit along a Lil’ Wayne song. It can sit along a TI song. It’s just real life. I spit real talk in my music.

LISA: How do you feel to be in the same league as them, so soon?

I mean it’s a blessing. Just to be even mention in the same group as them guys. Even to be on the charts…even to be nominated for any awards, this whole year has been a blessing. So all I’ve been doing is just thanking god. It don’t happen for anybody. I know it was destined for me.

LISA: How do you know T-Pain?

T-Pain is a good friend of mine. T-pain is very down to earth. He’s actually breaking me as a new artist as well. Anything that he can contribute to my career is helping out whether he’s doing a big show with thousands of people, he like, ‘yo, let’s get ace on it’. I have done every summer jam from New York to /Atlanta to sown here having 15 to 20 thousand people.

LISA: Were you nervous performing at your first big concert?

Well, I just have to prep myself just like before any football game. My heart be beating fast and I have little butterflies. But when I step on the stage and they go crazy, then they got me. So I make it do what it do and we got that performance thing on lock.

Where are you originally from?

ACEHOOD: I from Broward County…Deerfield Beach.

LISA: And out of the places you’ve been, what is you favorite place…your favorite city to perform in?

ACEHOOD: I ain’t gonna’ lie. I wanna go back to Philly. Philly was straight. We had a nice little run up there. I went to 4 or 5 clubs in one night and performed at every last one of them. What we do is work harder than the normal. We hit clubs one after another.

LISA: Who influenced you, who do you listen to…what’s in your CD player or your IPOD?

ACEHOOD: Of course coming up in my generation, I’m listening to Wayne and Jeezy. Those guys inspire me. When I listen to them, especially Jeezy, I don’t see him as really a rapper. He’s speaking that motivational talk. That’s my era, that’s what I grew up on. But now I’m the future of my era. So it is what it is.

LISA: What do you hope to gain from all of this? Where do you see yourself in two years?

ACEHOOD: In two years, I see myself as one of the biggest artist in the game. I see myself owning businesses…doing the same thing Khaled did for me…

LISA: Miami is making lots of noise in the industry right now, before that was the east coast/west coast. So where do you think Miami fit in…do you think we’re gonna make an impact?

ACEHOOD: Right now, we’re running things. To be honest, our whole south movement and Miami got it on lock. Flo Rida and Rick Ross has come out of here. We got more names to come. Brisco’s coming and Ball Greasy’s coming, and I’m the next to blow out of here. So we’ve got a lot of artists blowing up and we’re on top right now. The Miami movement is so strong that so many people is trying to break it up, but it ain’t gonna feel me? We’re on top of the game right now and it feels good to be on top of that mountain.

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FIRST OFF!! (What's on Lisa Ford's mind! TUPAC)

The day Lisa Ford sat down with Tupac


Tupac is my hero. Yes, there are some of us music fans out there who follow the ghost of Tupac. We unconsciously hold his music close to our hearts. We keep it pumping in our ears. We listen to it as if he'd just recorded it yesterday. And even though Tupac has passed on, his music is still exciting, vigorous, and arguably the best music out there.

A Tupac music-lover, however, won’t even listen to any debate on the subject. It would be a complete waste of their time. There is nothing you can tell anyone who continues to study Tupac’s methodology behind his music, about his influence on rap music. And there are some of us who still cater to his philosophies.

Music lovers from around the world are proud of his legacy even though Tupac may or may have not been. I sat down with him back just a couple of years before he was shot to death, in Nashville, Tennessee after a concert he performed in a large jam-packed two-story club, with a boxing ring sized stage settled in the center. It was a happy time for us young ones during the show, the music was dope, we were all fly, and Tupac took pictures with a lot of us before leaving the club. He looked happy on the outside, but his eyes told a different story.

I met up with Tupac afterwards at what appeared to be an exclusive auto-detailing shop turned after-party club where I sat next to him on a soft leather couch inside for one of my first interviews in the industry (Big Daddy Kane was my very first in Ann Arbor, MI while still in high school). With all the joy Tupac brought to a small but hyped town, I wanted to know how it felt to be on top of the world.

I mean this was Tupac, we’re talking about. He had the brain, the brawn, and the talent. There was nothing watered down about him…but he appeared to be unsure of himself…like a man struggling with his fame, rather than embracing it. It could have been just his way of being cautious in unfamiliar surroundings. But he smiled and explained to me with deep eyes and said, “I try to be (happy), but sometimes outside factors get in the way.” He went on to say that it bothered him when people (especially the media) threw stones.

I didn’t expect to hear sadness in Tupac’s voice. What in the world did he care what people thought? HE WAS TUPAC! I was shocked to learn that he didn’t idolize himself in the way that I would have if I had his influence on people. Tupac wanted me to know that he didn’t have control even though it appeared otherwise.

When I ‘interviewed’ Tupac, with great humbleness, he gave details on how truly the road to hell was paved with good intentions. He talked about all the filters that blocked his lines of communication, and how his actions and words would sometimes be perceived completely different from their original intent. It haunted him to know that his goal of setting a good example for our youth would be overshadowed by his mistakes. He could only hope that people would feel him through his music.

So bringing it back to Tupac’s music, he predicts the future (as he predicted his death), which gives him the right to live on. You can’t debate me on this. Tupac’s music is proof that real life sometimes begins after death. And that’s why I’m in love with him…I mean, his Ghost.

Check out Tupac's Foundation at
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IN THE SPOTLIGHT -Urban Ink magazine


Check out the images on these covers. It drives you wild just by looking at them. I was able to get an exclusive interview from the mastermind behind
Urban Ink Magazine,
Paul Gambino, who delivers to us cutting edge body art featured on the latest celebrities.
Urban Ink Magazine showcases exquisite tattoo art from the most talent tattoo artists in the world.
Everyone has graced its covers from Birdman to Souljah Boy. Here's what Paul Gambino had to say...

What was the idea/moment/occurrence(s) that sparked the creation of Urban Ink magazine?
P. GAMBINO: In 2007 I decided that based on the rising popularity of tattooing and tattoo culture in the Black community, and the lack of representation of this tattoo culture in ANY of the tat mags on the US newsstands it was time to launch such a title. I believed it was time for this community to have a high quality print media to showcase their art, their artists and their celebs. And to have a forum to address certain issues unique to the Black tat community – ink color, scaring problems, etc.
We initially launched as a quarterly, but quickly jumped to a bi monthly and in 2009 Urban Ink we went to 9 times a year.

LISA: Tell me a little about the experiences in creating the magazine. The highlights and challenges.
P. GAMBINO: The challenges faced each issue are like those of any other magazine -- deadlines, copy editing, countless phone calls and emails, etc. However we do face certain unique challenges because we deal extensively with the public -- shop owners, artists, readers and they do not really have a sense of strict deadlines. And then there’s the celebs. Well, celebs are celebs and that comes with an entirely different series of challenges.
LISA: Think of this as an exercise – Without stopping to think, which is the first memorable body art which pops into mind featured in the mag? Who is it by? Who is it on? Why does it stand out?
P. GAMBINO: There have been so many. But the latest has been the words “Lucky” tattooed on a girl in the next issue of UI. The reason’s behind this tat is very moving. Believe me you will never guess why she had it done.

Which artists are being highlighted in the current issue of Urban Ink Magazine?
P. GAMBINO: The issue to hit the stands next includes tat artists Jose Lopez, El Hac, Christina Sparrow. Skateboarder Antwuan Dixon. Rap artist Busta Rhymes. NFL player Justin Miller. Plus a lot more.

How may readers get their hands on that copy? Go to
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IN MUSIC NEWS...Baatin & Slum Village


The cause of Detroit rapper, Baatin's, death has finally been revealed! The creator of of Slum Village died of an overdose of drugs. He was just 35 years old at the time of death on August 1st, 2009. Baatin's story is another example of how drugs are the downfall of a lot of talented artists... whose success wasn't enough to keep them from going by the wayside...Click below for details:

BREAKING: Baatin Of Slum Village Dies

Cause Of Rapper Baatin’s Death Revealed

Check out this exclusive (and a Lisa Ford favorite) Slum Village music video of "Actin' Normal" presented by This video represents how elegant their music is. And below, click to listen to their mesmerizing hit from their Volume 2 Cd.



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Before prison, Mike Vick became first African–American Quarterback to be chosen with the 1st pick overall by Atlanta in the 2001 NFL Draft. After prison, on August 13th, he was gratefully able to sign a two-year deal with the Philadelphia Eagles. Vick will be paid $1.6 million this year, with a chance for the three-time Pro Bowl quarterback to make $5.6 million as part of a 2010 option. According to, the decision was driven by coach Andy Reid, who made it clear after the Eagles' 27-25 loss that he felt as though Vick deserved a chance to turn his life around. It's not clear exactly what position he's going to play. Read the story HERE

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POLITIC...ING Obama & a gun


Check out this VIDEO! A man takes his loaded gun to one of Obama's rally's, and doesn't even go to jail! If if were one of our youth, he would have been labeled a terrorist and thrown under the jail! Watch and let us know what you think.....

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In The Spotlight / Fashion & Shy Figaro


Concept: It is a clothing line designed by Shy Figaro that uses trivia as the focus. We test your Trivia Knowledge: Movies, TV Shows, Music, Puzzles, Education and more....Trivia quiz-game displaying questions, comments, anywhere from famous quotes, movie quotes, talk shows, TV Shows, reality shows, lyrics from songs, poems, and more on a garment and then revealing the correct answer.

Trivia spreads love, unity and humor. It also enriches your knowledge through fashion, and changes your set of mind optimistically. Trivia is the celebrities’ favorite creating a different promotional avenue.

“TRIVIA is not just fashion, it’s what you know!”

*Every garment sold 20% of the proceeds go to the Figaro Foundation whit the intent to provide hurricane shelters, and food for the less fortunate.* Go to

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IN THE SPOTLIGHT - Safon Floyd & Rough Draft


SAFON FLOYD is here! Host of Rough Draft @ Transit Lounge, Downtown Miami! ROUGH DRAFT, an event by Artists, for Artist and Appreciators, is exactly as it sounds---A "Rough Draft"! Freestyle Art, to be more specific. The audience will witness an Artist's (writer/musician) creation as it is being created. The groundbreaking event takes place every first Thursday of the month, at the Transit Lounge in downtown Miami.

I had the chance to speak with the gifted Writer and now Host and Commentator of the magical Jam Session, ROUGH DRAFT, taking Miami by a storm. After I was able to pull her away, I grilled Safon to find out how she was able to put together the best networking event I have ever attended. Read Below:

LISA: This is one of the best events I’ve ever attended. I’m truly inspired by your creation…What inspired YOU to put this together?

SAFON: Actually it started with an exercise. A friend of mind would put on the music and I would just write to it like an exercise. Then one day, I came down to the Transit Lounge on a Monday evening and they were doing a jam session. A musician would get on with their instruments with other musicians that they haven’t ever met before and play with such harmony and such beauty. I was surprise to learn that it was all freestyle…so I applied that philosophy to writing…I wrote a proposal describing the concept to Transit Lounge…and here we are...

LISA: For those who haven’t already heard, tell the rest of the world a little bit about you...

SAFON: Hey everyone, I’m Safon Floyd. I am a freelance Writer born and raised here in Miami. I wrote for several publications and corporations, but I’m just a Writer at heart. I was inspired to put on this event at the Transit Lounge. What better place to be than here, in beautiful downtown Miami.

LISA: You’ve gained a lot of popularity all of a sudden? Tell us about it...

SAFON: My supporters and friends are just people who accumulated throughout the years and believe it or not, this is a very personal event that I’m sharing…Everyone here are friends of friends from our social networks who have faith in the idea of the “Rough Draft Sessions”.

LISA: So what happens from here?

SAFON: The sky is the limit. I came into this with a proposal, and idea, and a passion.

Safon can be followed on twitter at or contacted via Facebook at Safon.Floyd.

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POLITIC...ING Bill Clinton & Hostages


It took Bill Clinton's fine form of Diplomacy to finally get the 2 U.S hostages pardoned and free from North Korea's grip. According to, Clinton met earlier Tuesday with Kim after arriving in Pyongyang on a surprise visit, holding "exhaustive" talks that covered a wide range of topics, state-run media said. Click here to read what happened...

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In The Spotlight - Michael Jackson cover

Vanity Fair's Two September 2009 Covers: Michael Jackson, Farrah Fawcett Split Cover

Click the title and read in the Huffington Post more about the VANITY FAIR MAGAZINE covers of Michael Jackson and Farrah Faucet. VANITY FAIR captured two reasons to live life to the fullest. Life is short, so have fun and have peace....

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