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The funk in this track was undeniable. Released in 2007, so it's not that far back in the past.

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Vivica Fox Stars in 50 Cent's new Video

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The video portrays the real-life rumors that Vivica became obsessed with 50 after they broke up. I posted this video because I love full-circle entertainment....when people can transform their realities into entertainment~ Check it out....

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Movie Trailer: Chris Rock’s Death At A Funeral Remake w/MARTIN LAWRENCE

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Screen Gems has released the first trailer for Chris Rock-produced re-imagining of Frank Oz’s 2007 British comedy Death at a Funeral.

The film stars Chris Rock, Martin Lawrence, Tracy Morgan, Zoe Saldana, Columbus Short, Peter Dinklage, Loretta Devine, Ron Glass, Danny Glover, Regina Hall, James Marsden, and Kevin Hart.

Screen Gems will release the film on April 16, 2010.

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Ok, I've heard your call and the bigger and better blog is Here! On this blog, believe it or not, I was holding back on ya'll :-) But on the new blog, it's NO HOLDS BARRED! I'm gonna tell it like it is as I always do. Gonna always keep it real!!

I'm uploading WWW.LISAFORDBLOG.COM as we speak. STAY TUNED......

In Celebration and in the meanwhile, check out this Classic Lisa Ford masterpiece ft. Lil Wayne....

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FIRST OFF!! (What's on Lisa Ford's mind!)

Sexual Fantasies, Night Sweats, and Lil’ Wayne?? WTF!


Lil’ Wayne is doing rock music right now. He’s so hot on the charts, if he came out with a country album, it will probably go Platinum…And I would probably download the songs on my IPOD. Can somebody please tell me what is it about this man that keeps him in my psyche?

Seriously, every time I turn on the radio, I hear Lil’ Wayne. I turn on the TV, and there’s Lil’ Wayne giving interviews on all the entertainment and music channels. So I switch the dial to the Music Channel on Demand…all Lil’ Wayne videos. I turn on my satellite radio to escape the madness…nothing but that underground Lil’ Wayne on the Hip Hop stations. Now out of options, I checked for new artist to listen to. I request that Brisco joint, “In The Hood.” It’s featuring Lil’ Wayne. Ok, I say to myself, what about that new Drake, “Best I Ever Had”? That’s featuring Lil’ Wayne too! Damn!


Images of Lil’ Wayne performing his music dominated my thoughts and smothered me to the point of sleeplessness. I remember when rap music was different, when it signified our generation’s adversities and portrayed the urban-America struggle. But Rap went mainstream. And the material-girl images of new school rap digs its claws into me, draws me in, even though sometimes I know, those images are not realistic or something I should cling to.

This haunted me, until one night…I lied down for a good night’s sleep, and woke up in someone else’s bedroom on the other side of town. I was lying on a bed pushed up against a sheer curtain blowing from a cracked-opened sliding glass door. I actually felt the strong breeze blowing against my skin. And Lil’ Wayne was naked and lying next to me! WTF!

…Apparently we had just finished doing what is too graphic to describe in detail (no kidding, I dreamed I had sex with Lil’ Wayne…twice!). I was shocked during and after the dream. I woke up in a sweat, still experiencing the after shocks of our lovemaking. This man was engraved so deep in my brain, until I’m having sexual fantasies about him? I must have been hypnotized.

Something I didn’t imagine myself gravitating to so strongly, over time, had seduced me. And that’s what this dream…I mean, nightmare, was about. I realized that I am an addict, addicted to rap music in all forms. And because of Lil’ Wayne’s dominance over our culture through his music, I can’t break free, even as I grow older and wiser.

I need a 12-step program that draws me back to Nas, Sade, and The Roots. But me and
Lil’ Wayne already did it twice, and now he wants to give me my favorite…a 3-PEAT!

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The labels kept pushing the Clipse back but fortunately that was no set back for Pusha and Malice. They stayed on their hustle and grind throughout the politics of the music industry pushing mixtapes, a book, and a clothing line. With their new album Til The Casket Drops, which includes a series of bonafide hits, the Clipse promises to never stop! Check it out…

{Lisa} Who picks the songs for your albums because the tightest songs have been on your mixtape? So what’s up with that?

{Clipse} When we do the mixtapes such as the WE GOT IT FOR CHEAP series, it’s therapy for us. The album is one thing, but when we do our mixtapes, it’s our street vibe. We had a hard time with our label…a whole bunch of complications, set backs, and delays. So when we weren’t able to put an album out on time, we would get into our zone, consider everything we thought was wrong with HIP HOP, and then make the music WE wanted to make.

{Lisa} Which brings me to my next question…what’s wrong with Hip Hop in your opinion?

{Malice} I personally enjoy what’s going on today in Hip Hop, but I think it’s a void as far as lyric-driven Hip Hop. But there is a hand full of us like Styles P and Jadakiss, who still focus on lyric-driven Hip Hop. That’s the Hip Hop that we know, love and enjoy. So that’s what we represent.

You’re from the VA; tell us how the music industry is in Virginia. Do other artists stand a chance to duplicate your success?

I think there’s a lot of opportunity in Virginia thanks to Teddy Riley. He came in and set up shop right on Virginia Beach Blvd. He’s showing a lot of cats in the music industry there that it is tangible and that it can be done. He opened the doors for us (Clipse). He also discovered the Neptunes and Pharrell. Virginia has Timbaland. We got Missy, Trey Songz, and Chris Brown…so there are a lot of doors that have opened up in Virginia?

How did u meet Teddy Riley?

Pharrell introduced us and in a round about way, Teddy had a lot to do with grooming the Clipse.

What took u so long to bust out with this new album?

Well the story of the Clipse…we always had a problem with the label in some form that never had anything to so with the Clipse. It always had to do with the politics of the game. Now it’s all spilled milk. Were with Sony right now and the ball is really rolling. Our single “I’mGood” ft. Pharrell is out. That was our summertime anthem. We got “Eyes On Me” ft. Keri Hilson. Also “Kinda Like a Big Deal” ft. Kanye West. The new album is called Til The Casket Drops and it will be out December 8th . It’s Hip Hop on steroids.

With “Til The Casket Drops”, did you stick to the same formula?

Yeah. But one thing has changed...this is our first album that wasn’t 100% produced by the Neptunes.

A lot of people reading this interview are artists trying to get a deal with labels like Sony, What advice do u have to offer them?

We would say that now, it’s not always about the major labels. You can do it independently and take advantage of the internet. Start your internet campaign, get yourself out there, and you can be heard & seen by thousands of people.

Hip Hop use to represent our ghetto poets, but lately it’s been all about the bling and materialism. Which direction do you see Hip Hop going in? Will it ever be the way it use to be?

It depends on the individual. As far as the Clipse, we always give you the full spectrum. We give you the good, the bad, and the ugly. We don’t always paint glorious pictures. We also let you know about the consequences and the ramifications of everything that you do. Everything has a consequence.

{Malice} Personally, I like to hear about things that are going on in the world a little less about the superficial things in music. But this is entertainment. At the same time…Hip Hop didn’t raise me even though I grew up listening to groups like N.W.A.

It didn’t raise you but Hip Hop is raising our children today.

Exactly, that’s what I know. It didn’t raise me, however, now, I have to keep in mind Hip Hop is like their (the youth) lifeline or a rule book to how to live their life. So you have to know who you are and enjoy music for what it is…and don’t try to live by everything you hear.

I’m trying to provide a road map for independent artists and starving artists who struggle to make it but continue to strive to make it like you did. Is there something you can tell them not to do?

We can tell them what helped the Clipse. Be about your craft. Be about what it is you do. Anybody who has been in a situation like ours or have walked in our footsteps may have fell by the wayside. But when the labels couldn’t get it right, when the labels didn’t know what to do with the Clipse, when the labels didn’t know how to market us, we stayed busy. We made mixtapes, we put out a clothing line. {Malice} And I wrote book.

What’s the name of your book?

Wretched, Pitiful, Poor Blind and Naked. And it’s coming out at the top of the year. And you can find our clothing line Playcloths.com

What are your proudest moments?

You’ll see it at Maliceoftheclipse.com. It’s a new blog and an eye-opener on how to take this entertainment industry. It shares a lot of personal stories and allows you to see that everything ain’t always how it appears. And it’s directed towards the kids. We’re trying to help them out a little bit.

Your fans are loyal. What is it about the Clipse?

One of the reasons our fans stick by us so much because they can count of the Clipse to deliver real music. Our music comes from a direct place, we don’t sugar coat nothing, we let you in on our lives, tell you how we really live and even talk about our present experiences. We just want it to be known that the Clipse music is a genuine and thought-out music. It’s a thinking man’s music that doesn’t leave you at a dead end. And that there’s a lot of food for thought within our music ~

Follow Lisa Ford on www. twitter.com/lisafordblog

And make sure you Go to Amazon on the right column and cop that album! Tightwork!
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I said I wasn't ever gonna put Pleasure P on the blog after I heard about the allegations. But I'm gonna give him a chance to defend himself. But my thoughts are below...

I'm watching this Pleasure P interview and he refuses to answer questions about the origination of the court documents citing molestation.

Instead, his lawyers jumps in and says he "thinks" they are fake. Shouldn't you "KNOW" they are. And Let Pleasure P answer Please!!

If its just a PR blunder, why does Pleasure P need a criminal defense attorney accompany him 2 interviews? Cant wait 4 da truth to come out~

No one is ever going to admit publicly that they are a child molester....


They said a nameless blogger created the allegations out of thin air. Why would a blogger pick Pleasure P and this crime????

BUT Like Judge Judy says, if the shit don't make sense, then IT AIN'T TRUE!!!



Someone close to the situation emailed Necole Bitchie about the ordeal. Here’s an excerpt from the letter: [TVONEBLOGS.COM]

When he was 16 going on 17, he was left alone with his niece and nephew with whom he touched and penetrated with fingers on several occasions. His aunt noticed her daughter complaining of her genital area hurting, when asked what happened she replied “Uncle Marcus keeps touching me and he hurt me”. Of course Marcus (Pleasure P) denied the allegations but the doctor found signs that she had vaginal damage and tearing. Charges were then pursued by the State of Florida.

The incident happened in 2004 going into 2005. He served like 8 months, rehab and community service by time the trial came up. Marcus accepted a plea with the State of Florida and Joseph Smith who is the care giver of the niece and nephew which Marcus “Pleasure P” Cooper molested. These are not the only papers filed against him. These are the first of 3. As part of the plea agreement Marcus plead guilty and paid an “undisclosed amount” to remain free and have the records “sealed” and on the family level for them to remain quiet and not to speak publicly about it. The “sealed document” means nothing other than “we won’t tell anyone it’s here..but if they find it they can have it” basically. The problem also is that Attorney Goldstein (Who represented Marcus “Pleasure P” Cooper in the trial) has a daughter named Laura Goldstein who is also her father’s assistant. Marcus Cooper never completed his payments after the hearing to his attorney.

Attorney Goldstein tried to reach out to Marcus only to be told “Don’t call this phone no more” on several occasions. This caused frustration on Attorney Goldstein’s ends due to the time & effort he put into this “special plea bargain” he negotiated that I don’t think ANY attorney could have done. After Attorney Goldstein threatened to sue Marcus Cooper the “alleged threats” became real from Coopers end. I have personally heard these messages and I know who they are from and they are very disturbing. Especially to an attorney who can use them against you.

Laura Goldstein felt her father was not doing enough to stop the threats as they began to increase so she took to twitter (her twitter is @AGoldsteinGirl) to “expose” Marcus “Pleasure P” Cooper in a way that was sure to make him “go away”. Now all the documents from the initial hearing have been released and there is plenty more evidence out there I assure you. Everyone involved including Spectacular (Pretty Ricky) have commented via twitter on the documents in shock thinking they would never get out.
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Originally released June 6 / 06 for a mixtape but didn't make The Blue Carpet Treatment. Re-Released now as a new bonus (as of Dec/2009). Still floating around. Isn't on Malice In Wonderland as of yet~

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SADE!!! SOLDIER OF LOVE {new track}!!!


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I TRANSGRESSED!!! TUPAC explains it all in this soft-porn video featureing COOLIO and ICE T !!!

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Tupac says it's hard to be faithful when women throw themselves at him in every city. Listen to the lyrics....

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PRINCE'S 3121...Hope you didn't sleep on it!

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3121 by Prince was released a couple of years back and distributed through Universal Records. I bring it to your attention now to show you how to correctly use Autotunes. Prince had the concept on lock long before it became a crutch to a lot of artists in the industry. It's refreshing when a real singer use it for effect...versus one without vocal talent who needs it for their survival~ #observation

Prince - Incense And Candles .mp3

Found at bee mp3 search engine


Prince's track referred to me by www.musicbizinfo.blogspot.com
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Marilyn Monroe film 'shows actress smoking marijuana'

The video was unearthed from an attic some 50 years after it was filmed

A reel-to-reel home movie which allegedly shows Hollywood legend Marilyn Monroe smoking marijuana has emerged after 50 years.

The silent film, shot at a private home in New Jersey, was recently purchased by a collector.

Monroe at one point is passed a cigarette, takes a puff, but does not appear to inhale deeply.

The person who shot the film told the Reuters news agency the cigarette contained marijuana.

Collector Keya Morgan recently purchased the film for $275,000 from the film's owner, who wishes to remain anonymous.

The film is believed to date from 1958 or 1959, and shows a happy and relaxed-looking Monroe.

"This is the late 1950s so she is already very famous, but this is a personal side of her we've never seen before" said Mr Morgan.

"People have never seen her in such a relaxed pose."

Read the rest of story on BBC News HERE:

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Tiger comments on current events

I have let my family down and I regret those transgressions with all of my heart. I have not been true to my values and the behavior my family deserves. I am not without faults and I am far short of perfect. I am dealing with my behavior and personal failings behind closed doors with my family. Those feelings should be shared by us alone.

Although I am a well-known person and have made my career as a professional athlete, I have been dismayed to realize the full extent of what tabloid scrutiny really means. For the last week, my family and I have been hounded to expose intimate details of our personal lives. The stories in particular that physical violence played any role in the car accident were utterly false and malicious. Elin has always done more to support our family and shown more grace than anyone could possibly expect.

But no matter how intense curiosity about public figures can be, there is an important and deep principle at stake which is the right to some simple, human measure of privacy. I realize there are some who don't share my view on that. But for me, the virtue of privacy is one that must be protected in matters that are intimate and within one's own family. Personal sins should not require press releases and problems within a family shouldn't have to mean public confessions.

Whatever regrets I have about letting my family down have been shared with and felt by us alone. I have given this a lot of reflection and thought and I believe that there is a point at which I must stick to that principle even though it's difficult.

I will strive to be a better person and the husband and father that my family deserves. For all of those who have supported me over the years, I offer my profound apology
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Slaughterhouse is representing REAL music!!

P.S. New Blog www.lisafordblog.com will be up this week!

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TONY REALZ aka THE VOICE, SLAMS THE MUSIC INDUSTRY!!! Read his letter to Lisa Ford

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{pic of Tony Realz by Noble Sav}

Tony Realz went in today after I posted the Mase mixtape. This sparked a huge debate about the state of Hip Hop and made Tony frustrated enough to express his concerns to me via email. He goes off on Mase and EVERYBODY else in the industry. Take heed and read his Slam letter below...


Well I’ve never rocked with MASE and don’t want to hear what he has to say. We’re talking about a guy who was caught trying to pick up Tranny’s in A.T.L. Give me a Break! What can he talk to me about? (They have the footage…he wouldn’t get out the car). Just like R.KELLY, I don’t want to hear what a pedophile has to sing about.

I’m tired of the people who’s NOT hot (MASE, DRAKE, NIKKI MENAJ, GUCCI, 50 ETC). They get more Props than Real MC’s and I stand for a different purpose. I don’t hate these people or even dislike them. I just don’t care to hear them rap.

I was raised in an era where skills were the product and not the production. These LAMES spit 8 bars and then spit the Hook 30 times. Who wants to hear that Money, Money, Make it Rain, I’m F#cking You Bitch, I Got Stacks on Deck, I Got Swag, My Swag is Hot, Who Got Swag Like Me, I’m Buying The Bar…Who gives a F#ck!!

I Rep for Real Hip Hop…The Culture…Not the Gimmicks!!!

My comments are a response to how I feel. I believe you have to understand a person to know and understand how they feel. I have friends who have killed and murdered people and I don’t glorify that sh#t because Death is Real Life! And I deal with the natural order of things.

For example, I don’t like DIDDY’S music but I do like the way he handles his business…Sane as 50. But I don’t want to hear them Niggas talk because they talk down on people who are less fortunate than them. When I hear MASE say things like “I Don’t understand people with no money”, then he goes and get saves, and get on T.V. and say by the year 2000, I’m gonna’ have every club in Atlanta closed!! C’MON!! This is not who I want my son listening to. Feel me?

We as parents have to build the right bridge. I watch these radio people suck D#ck all they. The refuse to play common sense. They refuse to play BLACK THOUGHT, but will play RICK ROSS who glorifies Hustling and Killing people. GUCCI who talks about selling Dope, Poppin pills, and being drunk. We let then make us embrace this Bullsh#t and dumb down for them. But not me!!

Do I listen to JEEZY? Yes. Do I like RICK ROSS music? Yes. He can flow and he puts out good music. Is he a lame for lying about being a cop? Yes. That’s something he has to deal with.

I don’t make negative comments. I speak my peace. I’ve watched some of the best take a lost, so I know how to move around in this world. IM REPPIN FOR REAL MUSIC, REAL PEOPLE AND THE NATURAL ORDER OF THINGS.


Ok folks, I wanna hear your thoughts on this matter. Facebook me / twitter me/ or leave comments on this post. And Check out DJ Tony Realz on Tuesday nights from 9-11pm on www.OMGonlineradio.com
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LISA FORD , MALICE & THE CLIPSE!! (stay tuned...)

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The Lisa Ford Blogspot is blowing up and soon you will see a whole new look and web address (lisafordblog.com)! The Blog will keep the same vibe...it will always have celebrity interviews, no garbage...just REAL TALK as usual. I will keep u posted...
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Shyne Speaks On The Shooting And His Incarceration To Inmates In Belize

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