For those of you who are R&B freaks, you need to go buy the album because Trey Songz’ voice is sounding strong and crystal clear as always. His new album is titled READY, but I prefer the cover artwork on his Anticipation album (a prequel to READY), so that art cover is featured first. You can download Anticipation on his website ( and buy READY now on this website or wherever music is sold. Ok, let me get straight to the interview…
here we go…

Lisa: First off, what’s up with your haircut? Is this a transition that you’re going through?

Trey Songz: My haircut is something that I’ve wanted to do for a while now. It’s a process that I went through as a man. One small step in becoming a man.. .after being a young man for a while, I think the world is watching me become a man.

Lisa: Are you brothers with Terrance from 106th and Park?

T. Songz: (interrupted me) NO!

Lisa: There was a quote of yours…you said that “you wanted to appeal to the streets as much as you do for the soulful level”…what did you mean by that?

T. Songz: I meant exactly what I said. I wanna’ be felt on each lane and I think I’ve accomplished.

Lisa: You’re known as the Prince of Virginia...where did that come from? What is that all about?

T. Songz: An O.G. friend of mine, his name is the King of Virginia, he gave me that name. He’s incarcerated right now. He’ll be home soon. He’s like a big brother to me and he gave me that name, and it stuck.

Lisa: You won over 20 talent shows before you got started in the game. You definitely have a natural talent…if you weren’t recording, what would you be doing?

T. Songz: I’d be probably be trying to do this, baby! I love it so much, I definitely would still be trying to do this. I would have went to school at some point and majored in something, and GOTTEN a degree in something. But I still would be trying to pursue this, cause’ I love it.
Lisa: You did the film soundtrack for Coach Carter, are there any more (film scores) we can look forward to in the future?

T. Songz: Most definitely. I’m actually in a few films…The Preacher’s Kid is one of them. The Wendy Williams movie is another. And I have one in production.

Lisa: (I interrupted) What about the Wendy Williams movie? Can you tell us about that one?
Trey Songz: It will be out soon, hopefully. It’s actually done, and has been for a while. She has a bigger platform now with her show so she wants to wait to put it out.

Lisa: About you track “Missing You”, was that written about someone from the heart and how is that going? (I really wanted the answer to this, but he didn’t give it)

T Songz: “Missing you” is from the last album. On this album is “I Need Girl, “Lol :-)”,
“Successful”, and “Invented sex”. All are on the charts right now.
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ZODCORE said... @ September 3, 2009 at 3:29 PM

Hey Kids it's your friendly neighborhood artist. Now on the real I dig R&B music,especially old school. This Trey dude looks like he's helping mankind to keep producing and get all type of tail with songs like "Inveted Sex" and "I need Girl". A thousand blessings on this bringer of wet panties! Your doing GODS work Trey, well done!

Keli said... @ September 3, 2009 at 5:51 PM

There is nothing family friendly about Trey Songz...and I hope he keeps it that way. I already feel as though this album was a little watered down for the mainstream, especially the lead single "I need a girl"...

Think he's talented, hope he does well...

good stuff.

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Shawn Deny said... @ August 29, 2015 at 3:39 PM

One small step in becoming a man.. .after being a young man for a while, I think the world is watching me become a man.
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