Mr. Grim 2 da Reapa is killing Florida, the internet/You Tube/ radio, on and offline.. and he's coming to get you and take over your mind with his new album release, "INNER-GALATIC". Many people in high positions told him that Hip-Hop fans didn’t want to hear Reality and it would never sell, especially in the South. With 3 CD’s under his belt, he went from open mic to open mic performing song after song. Within 1 year, he sold over 14,000 copies independently. This would only motivate Grim to push harder..check out the interview...

LISA: Where does the name Grim Reapa come from?

GRIM: Well GRIM REAPA is really an acronym. G.R.I.M. meaning G-od’s R-eason I-s M-ine. R.E.A.P.A. meaning R-ealistic E-nergies A-re P-resent A-lwayz.
LIFE-N-DEATH are really a balance. The Ultimate Reality is Oneness. Thru Life - Death springs forth & thru Death - Life springs forth. My muzik represents that balance & Oneness.

LISA: Tell us about the musical history that brought you to where you are today? Who GRIM: influenced you yesterday and who influences you today?

GRIM: Well, I wuz born in the 80's so HipHop wuz already making a significant impact, but the music wasn't really my motivation. It wuz how I wuz raised. I come from a very mixed background, racially as well as culturally. My mother raised me open-minded. Her mother is Catholic. Her father is Deist. I had 3 godmothers - 1 Jewish, 1 Baptist, & 1 heavily into SantaRia. My uncle is Nuwaubian & I have Buddhist & Muslim cousins. I wuz adopted by my stepfather who wuz Jewish & during the time i wuz with him, he converted 2 Bahai'ism. I never met my biological father, but he wuz half Native American, so my mother would frequently take me 2 reservations 4 pow-wows.
All this BE~ing said, when i entered the real world & saw the disunity amongst people, it sorta saddened me. So I guess u could say philosophy, spirituality, & LIFE as a whole inspired me more than any artist out here.

LISA: Tell us about your hood (neighborhood), and how did it feel growing up there? Was music an escape or a given?

GRIM: Well, we moved around alot; stayed everywhere from the projects 2 condos 2 even living on a farm.
I can honestly say muzik wuz both a given & it wuz definitely an escape at times 2.

LISA: I was really struck by your song "Too Much Pain," in which you seem to go from one phase of heartbreak to another. It sounds like you're exploring the split between your heart and your mind. Tell us a little more about your struggle in the industry?

GRIM: Well, I did "Too Much Pain" so people can realize that I'm a regular human BE~ing 2 that has been thru many struggles, but the struggles just make a person stronger. They are blessings in disguise.
As far as my industry has been a bumpy road, especially BE~ing a conscious rapper in Miami where the whole industry is fueled by the strip club scene. But I know in the long run, if I can open the doorway down here, it will bring creativity back into the GAME.

What interests you most deeply?

GRIM: Teaching the world 2 overstand their true power & godliness as I learn how 2 tap into mine as well.

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Mr. Grim 2 da Reapa said... @ September 6, 2009 at 5:25 AM

Thanx, queen. LUV~N~LIGHT

Jackie said... @ September 6, 2009 at 9:49 AM

Hey Lisa, I took a listen to his music, it needs a little refinement, but it's good...Grim R. has a lot of heart..

Rizque28 said... @ September 6, 2009 at 7:31 PM

I Follow Grim on Twitter and I must say he is a great peron to learn from! I can tell you his music is him! There's no questioning if he's being real or not. We listen to a lot of rappers who claim to do things and we see different but Grim on the other hand is CONSISTANT! He is truely a RIZING STAR!

ZODCORE said... @ September 7, 2009 at 10:24 AM

Yo,Yo,Yo,Yo,Yo,YO,Yo.......YO!.......YOOOOOOOO! It's your friendly neighborhood artist. I didnt get a chance 2 listen 2 Da Grim music but I know 1 thing.......Dat anime pic of him KICKS ASS! 'cough, wink'

KC said... @ September 9, 2009 at 4:38 PM

Yo Lisa, I like this me next!! Lol!

Kuntry said... @ September 9, 2009 at 10:48 PM

GRIM TO THE REAPA!!!!!!!!! If you've been to his shows you already know what time it is. I respect this mans music as well as his grind and like the other fella said that new anime pic is off the chain

Anonymous said... @ September 10, 2009 at 12:02 PM

Grim shit is hot 4sho, also Grim should get 2 badass women to spit-shine that artis zipper. I think anime is that missing element hip-hop needs to bring it back to life, cause them crackers got a choke-hold on that shit!

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