Beanie Sigel Raps about Killing Jay Z!!!

There has always been a fine line between rap music and real life, but has Beanie taken it too far with his "I Can Just Kill Jigga Man" lyrics? I can definitely understand someone being pissed at the person they feel is the blame for loss of income, but some Rappers need to keep in mind that their messages are being heard by the masses.

In a twisted sort of way, you have to admire Beanie's standing up to one of Rap music's biggest Giants. But I really don't think his MOUTH should write a check his ASS can't cash. If Beanie can utilize diplomacy, he may have a victory on his hands...he may be able to gather more empathy from a larger audience. But with the use of this tactic, he cuts his support off at the knees.

Beanie is gonna have some folks admire him for threatening Jay Z. He's going to be a little successful in demonstrating that Jay Z ain't all what he's hyped up to be. However, in the bigger scheme of things (ie. getting a record deal with a super-huge international label, guaranteeing a larger audience) Beanie is gonna be marked as a Hitman rather than a professional business. However, I don't think Beanie cares at this point.

KRS 1 made a point, they should battle and let the ppl judge and make it a pay per view and collect money for a good cause. What do YOU think?

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Posted on 1:33 PM by Lisa Ford and filed under , | 1 Comments »


ZODCORE said... @ November 28, 2009 at 8:40 AM

You know old Beanie used to do some pretty cool rhyming, but new Beanie....I don't know..... I mean this track I tried to listen to was like being at ground zero. The sound FX of the guns,bombs,stabings and crack smoking was louder then the lyric's themselves....I don't know about this new angry Beanie....