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Come on dudes, we're Bloggers...not celebrities!! Bloggers are above that #Hollywood drama because our eyes carry an objective view and our hearts are pure when it comes to music. Only "Hollywood" acting people talk but don't listen...are followed but don't follow....expect support but don't give support...smh...Which brings me to my new trending topic...#HOLLYWOOD !!

I hate to put people on blast, but sometimes you have to. I already know that Bloggers like have a strong following, so this article will mean nothing to him anyways...right? But I write about some of the world's most humblest people with every reason in the world to be #Hollywood...yet choose not to!! So why should anybody??

We don’t need no more Bitchassness in the music industry.I’m not calling Nahright a bitch…I'm just sayin… checkout these tweets…between me and him that developed from conversation I was having with someone else who clearly wasn't #Hollywood and look at how Nahright out of nowhere proved my point of how being #Hollywood for any reason is just plan silly!!

[LISA] @djaaries I read ur bio..tight work!.but u & @nahright the only ones on twitter who don't follow ppl so u talk but don't listen:-) it's cool

I made a simple observation. Key words..."It's cool." DJ Arries assured me that he wasn't Hollywood even though he didn't have to. Had several people co-sign even though THEY didn't have to either. So make sure ya'll check him on But here's how responded. (via Twitter)

[NAHRIGHT] @lisafordblog I follow who I feel I need to follow, I don't just follow people willy nilly, theres too much noise on Twitter as it is.
{about 21 hours ago from web in reply to lisafordblog}

If you check out his twitter, he follows nowhere near as many people who are following him. That's fine...It's only twitter for Heaven's Sake! And that's how they do it in Hollywood. I completely understand...

But Nilly Willy? Who was he referring to...his followers?? I didn't know how to take this. All I did was make an observation. I never asked him why because I didn't care. And I don't care whether or not he followed me because I didn't follow him either!! So where was all this coming from? But watch my response and how I put Nahright to the #Hollywood test...

[LISA FORD] @nahright ok F#ck Twitter!! I requested you on FB!

(I did this to test his so-called hate 4 Twitter...his response:)

[NAHRIGHT] @lisafordblog oh I don't even look at my Facebook requests anymore. FB is dead, long live Twitter.{about 21 hours ago from web in reply to lisafordblog}

Now Nahright just complained about Twitter to explain why he don't like to follow...but now it's "Long Live Twitter" when people get to follow you?? I guess I could appreciate the fact that he took the "time" to respond. But his answer was a little "Nilly Willy" for me. What do you think?

All I'm saying is that there is nothing wrong with going #Hollywood because if you're good at what you do, people are definitely going to feel the same way about you. But when you can no longer be #Down-To-Earth and let all this #Hollywood sh#t get to your head...let's just hope that bullshit can float and hold you up:-)
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ZODCORE said... @ November 4, 2009 at 7:35 PM

YEEPEE!!! It's time for all these HOLLYWOOD rich folks to start selling out. Hey kids, don't forget to pick up your Young Jeezy lunch box! Lets not forget the Michael Phelps blow up doll 'gasp' OH BOY!!!! SIGN ME UP!!!!

Anonymous said... @ November 5, 2009 at 2:03 AM

Damn bitch, you are dumb for so many reasons lol

D.O.C. said... @ November 5, 2009 at 10:08 AM

This Ya Boy DJ UnderGround!! Wuz Gud Lisa!! I See Ya Baby Gurl!! Keep Puttin These #HollyWood Niggas On Blast!! Preyed Up!!!

Lisa Ford said... @ November 5, 2009 at 11:23 AM

@Anonymous Call me that to my face! Stop hiding...I won't bite :-)

KC said... @ November 5, 2009 at 5:24 PM

Hey Lisa what's good...I heard about that nahright...they say people in his own town don't even know what the nigga look he can talk shit about anybody he wants but don't have to be held accountable cause no one knows who he is. Good read...

Lisa Ford said... @ November 5, 2009 at 7:47 PM

@KC Truth be told, I don't know him either...this article is just a twitter observation. Didn't think it was a big deal but now I get called names on my blog. smh. So maybe now I think I hit the nail on it's head.