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Yeah, I know this guy is on my blog alot, but you have to blame 50 CENT for that. He is a genius when it comes to self-marketing and promotion and does a good job at interacting with us writers. Through his own social-media tools, he personally interacts with his fans and listeners. He's open with the public, always quick to explain his actions whether we agrees with him or not. A lot of other rappers that I've met over the years work hard to separate themselves from their audience, trying to place themselves on a higher pedestal. But here is a man who captializes greatly by taking an opposite approach of putting himself on the same level as everyone else. So I continue to write about 50 because he hasn't given me any reasons not to.

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ZODCORE said... @ November 28, 2009 at 8:46 AM

I totally need to go buy this guy's books.