2PAC- OUT ON BAIL!!! Remastered Demo(pac’s 1st rejected demo)!!!!!!!!!(FIXED LINK)

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2PAC - STRAIGHT BALLIN' {track on the mixtape}

The following story is by my homies at Krackblog.com. I appreciate them for sharing this rare mixtape of my favorite Rapper, 2PAC. 2PAC is proof that there is life after death. His strong list of followers continue to share and expand his legacy which will probably be prolonged from generations to come....Lisa

To everyone wondering what this is this is Pac’s First Rejected Demo, It Is A Combination Of Songs Meant For Thug Life ‘Out On Bail’ Original Release That Was Rejected 2 Times By Interscope Records. (It Contains The True Original Version Of ‘Out On Bail’ In Close CDQ And ‘Runnin From The Police’ True Original Version Is Included Here In Close CDQ As Well)
This is a cd made from the DIRECT MASTER TAPE not no 5th generation copied tape with crap quality!

01 – Out On Bail (Original Thug Life Version)
02 – Runnin Feat Stretch, Dramacydal, Notorious Big and Bujo Banton (Original Unreleased Version)
03 – Judgement Day Feat Stretch, Mopreme and Dee The Madd ***** (Original Demo Version)
04 – High Till I Die Feat Rated R & Macodoshis (Original Demo Version)
05 – Str8 Ballin (Original Demo Version)
06 – Gettin Money (Original Demo Version)
07 – Faced Shoutouts(Original Demo Version)
08 – Old School (Original Solo Demo)
09 – Only Fear Of Death (Original Demo)
10 – Thug Life Feat Big Syke and Prince Ital Joe (Original Demo Version)
11 – Niggaz In The Pen Feat Macadoshis and Mouse Man (Original Demo Version)
12 – Cradle 2 The Grave (Original Thug Life Version)
13 – Time 2 Get My Drank On (Unreleased Interlude)
14 – Is It Cool 2 **** Feat Macadoshis (Original Version With Intro)
15 – My Definition Of A Thug Nigga (Original Demo Version)
16 – Lie To Kick It Feat Richie Rich (Original Demo Version)
17 – Holla If Ya Hear Me Feat Live Squad (Original Demo Version)
18 – Bury Me A G Feat Natasha Walker (Original Demo Version)


[Link & Track list also provided by Krackblog.com]
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