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Check out the images on these covers. It drives you wild just by looking at them. I was able to get an exclusive interview from the mastermind behind
Urban Ink Magazine,
Paul Gambino, who delivers to us cutting edge body art featured on the latest celebrities.
Urban Ink Magazine showcases exquisite tattoo art from the most talent tattoo artists in the world.
Everyone has graced its covers from Birdman to Souljah Boy. Here's what Paul Gambino had to say...

What was the idea/moment/occurrence(s) that sparked the creation of Urban Ink magazine?
P. GAMBINO: In 2007 I decided that based on the rising popularity of tattooing and tattoo culture in the Black community, and the lack of representation of this tattoo culture in ANY of the tat mags on the US newsstands it was time to launch such a title. I believed it was time for this community to have a high quality print media to showcase their art, their artists and their celebs. And to have a forum to address certain issues unique to the Black tat community – ink color, scaring problems, etc.
We initially launched as a quarterly, but quickly jumped to a bi monthly and in 2009 Urban Ink we went to 9 times a year.

LISA: Tell me a little about the experiences in creating the magazine. The highlights and challenges.
P. GAMBINO: The challenges faced each issue are like those of any other magazine -- deadlines, copy editing, countless phone calls and emails, etc. However we do face certain unique challenges because we deal extensively with the public -- shop owners, artists, readers and they do not really have a sense of strict deadlines. And then there’s the celebs. Well, celebs are celebs and that comes with an entirely different series of challenges.
LISA: Think of this as an exercise – Without stopping to think, which is the first memorable body art which pops into mind featured in the mag? Who is it by? Who is it on? Why does it stand out?
P. GAMBINO: There have been so many. But the latest has been the words “Lucky” tattooed on a girl in the next issue of UI. The reason’s behind this tat is very moving. Believe me you will never guess why she had it done.

Which artists are being highlighted in the current issue of Urban Ink Magazine?
P. GAMBINO: The issue to hit the stands next includes tat artists Jose Lopez, El Hac, Christina Sparrow. Skateboarder Antwuan Dixon. Rap artist Busta Rhymes. NFL player Justin Miller. Plus a lot more.

How may readers get their hands on that copy? Go to
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ZODCORE said... @ August 15, 2009 at 11:17 AM

WOW! URBANINK ROCKS! MAN!, that JACKI-O chick made the front cover look GOD LIKE! Soulja Boy looks like he's about 2 fight off
100 baby seals...........hope he wins.......