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Concept: It is a clothing line designed by Shy Figaro that uses trivia as the focus. We test your Trivia Knowledge: Movies, TV Shows, Music, Puzzles, Education and more....Trivia quiz-game displaying questions, comments, anywhere from famous quotes, movie quotes, talk shows, TV Shows, reality shows, lyrics from songs, poems, and more on a garment and then revealing the correct answer.

Trivia spreads love, unity and humor. It also enriches your knowledge through fashion, and changes your set of mind optimistically. Trivia is the celebrities’ favorite creating a different promotional avenue.

“TRIVIA is not just fashion, it’s what you know!”

*Every garment sold 20% of the proceeds go to the Figaro Foundation whit the intent to provide hurricane shelters, and food for the less fortunate.* Go to

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ZODCORE said... @ August 15, 2009 at 12:21 PM

TriviaFashion..........sounds quirkie,but cool. What they need now is sum awesome Japanese Anime art to really give it a kick start............I wonder where can U find such talent, I wonder.....wait a min! im an artist!.........what do ya know or HOLA!