I had a chance to speak with Rap star, ACEHOOD, in the back of his pimped-out Escalade as we both sat outside debating whether or not to go inside a popular night club in North Miami. Both of us decided to ditch the club, and he gave me this interview, instead...

LISA: How were you able to break through and become known in the industry… because you know a lot of people are trying, but not everybody makes it?

ACEHOOD: Basically, I got hot in the streets. I started with a local label, Dollars and Deals, b4 I got with Khaled. So we got hot in the streets I had a little single, MOE, that’s actually the single Khaled heard and ended up loving it. He loved my swag and liked what I was doing. I hear his starvation and hunger through music. We ended up poppin' off from there, through We The Best Music. Mainly how I broke through in the industry was being hot in the city and staying relevant and putting out music for the people

LISA: You were freestyling on MTV Jams, and showed you had a lot of talent. How long have you’ve been in music?

ACEHOOD: I’ve been doing for about 7 years. Music has always been apart of my life, although I played ball which was my first priority. But I ended up getting hurt and I gave up football and took over music. I got serious with it in the middle of high school. I mean, I went full-force with it and my manager AD is still my manger today. He just went hard behind me, promotions everything. We did what we had to do.

LISA: Tell me about your very first single, RIDE. (Although, I love OVERTIME too)

ACEHOOD: RIDE is crazy. No matter where I go, New York, Atlanta, Philly, no matter where in the part of the world I go, they just love it. We had to do a song for the ladies. It’s a relevant record because everybody that’s in the hood, everybody who’s in the situation when you’re down and out and you got that one lady who was there for you…every dude want get out the hood and build a better life for her. I came up with that concept, started the track and put that hook on it, and I put those hit lyrics on it and made it do what it do.

LISA: OVERTIME (and your other songs) are chart-toppers. What do you contribute that to?

ACEHOOD: It’s because my music is real music. I deliver real music and I gave it to them as a youngster, but I also give it so them from actually a grown man’s point of view. I make great music. I mean not to knock on anybody else, but I make relevant music to what’s going on now and days. That’s why my songs can sit along a Lil’ Wayne song. It can sit along a TI song. It’s just real life. I spit real talk in my music.

LISA: How do you feel to be in the same league as them, so soon?

I mean it’s a blessing. Just to be even mention in the same group as them guys. Even to be on the charts…even to be nominated for any awards, this whole year has been a blessing. So all I’ve been doing is just thanking god. It don’t happen for anybody. I know it was destined for me.

LISA: How do you know T-Pain?

T-Pain is a good friend of mine. T-pain is very down to earth. He’s actually breaking me as a new artist as well. Anything that he can contribute to my career is helping out whether he’s doing a big show with thousands of people, he like, ‘yo, let’s get ace on it’. I have done every summer jam from New York to /Atlanta to sown here having 15 to 20 thousand people.

LISA: Were you nervous performing at your first big concert?

Well, I just have to prep myself just like before any football game. My heart be beating fast and I have little butterflies. But when I step on the stage and they go crazy, then they got me. So I make it do what it do and we got that performance thing on lock.

Where are you originally from?

ACEHOOD: I from Broward County…Deerfield Beach.

LISA: And out of the places you’ve been, what is you favorite place…your favorite city to perform in?

ACEHOOD: I ain’t gonna’ lie. I wanna go back to Philly. Philly was straight. We had a nice little run up there. I went to 4 or 5 clubs in one night and performed at every last one of them. What we do is work harder than the normal. We hit clubs one after another.

LISA: Who influenced you, who do you listen to…what’s in your CD player or your IPOD?

ACEHOOD: Of course coming up in my generation, I’m listening to Wayne and Jeezy. Those guys inspire me. When I listen to them, especially Jeezy, I don’t see him as really a rapper. He’s speaking that motivational talk. That’s my era, that’s what I grew up on. But now I’m the future of my era. So it is what it is.

LISA: What do you hope to gain from all of this? Where do you see yourself in two years?

ACEHOOD: In two years, I see myself as one of the biggest artist in the game. I see myself owning businesses…doing the same thing Khaled did for me…

LISA: Miami is making lots of noise in the industry right now, before that was the east coast/west coast. So where do you think Miami fit in…do you think we’re gonna make an impact?

ACEHOOD: Right now, we’re running things. To be honest, our whole south movement and Miami got it on lock. Flo Rida and Rick Ross has come out of here. We got more names to come. Brisco’s coming and Ball Greasy’s coming, and I’m the next to blow out of here. So we’ve got a lot of artists blowing up and we’re on top right now. The Miami movement is so strong that so many people is trying to break it up, but it ain’t gonna feel me? We’re on top of the game right now and it feels good to be on top of that mountain.

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Dayson said... @ August 4, 2009 at 11:49 PM

OK I get it. This video is Hot we need more up lifting video for our young people. THANKS ACE HOOD. That's what's up Hard Times Ent.

Lisa Ford said... @ August 5, 2009 at 9:26 PM

I agree and I like how AceHood represents for the South!!

Kcutz said... @ August 10, 2009 at 1:30 PM

Acehood, you're a tight rapper, thanks for the autograph..I like some of you're music but some of it needs a little work..Peace!!

ZODCORE said... @ August 15, 2009 at 12:13 PM

I don't know a thing about ACEHOOD but after reading the interview I can tell he's not up his own butthole. Acknowledgen who pave the way for his career was cool(that means he's not a HACK), that attitude will get him farther Im sure. Good job Lisa