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SAFON FLOYD is here! Host of Rough Draft @ Transit Lounge, Downtown Miami! ROUGH DRAFT, an event by Artists, for Artist and Appreciators, is exactly as it sounds---A "Rough Draft"! Freestyle Art, to be more specific. The audience will witness an Artist's (writer/musician) creation as it is being created. The groundbreaking event takes place every first Thursday of the month, at the Transit Lounge in downtown Miami.

I had the chance to speak with the gifted Writer and now Host and Commentator of the magical Jam Session, ROUGH DRAFT, taking Miami by a storm. After I was able to pull her away, I grilled Safon to find out how she was able to put together the best networking event I have ever attended. Read Below:

LISA: This is one of the best events I’ve ever attended. I’m truly inspired by your creation…What inspired YOU to put this together?

SAFON: Actually it started with an exercise. A friend of mind would put on the music and I would just write to it like an exercise. Then one day, I came down to the Transit Lounge on a Monday evening and they were doing a jam session. A musician would get on with their instruments with other musicians that they haven’t ever met before and play with such harmony and such beauty. I was surprise to learn that it was all freestyle…so I applied that philosophy to writing…I wrote a proposal describing the concept to Transit Lounge…and here we are...

LISA: For those who haven’t already heard, tell the rest of the world a little bit about you...

SAFON: Hey everyone, I’m Safon Floyd. I am a freelance Writer born and raised here in Miami. I wrote for several publications and corporations, but I’m just a Writer at heart. I was inspired to put on this event at the Transit Lounge. What better place to be than here, in beautiful downtown Miami.

LISA: You’ve gained a lot of popularity all of a sudden? Tell us about it...

SAFON: My supporters and friends are just people who accumulated throughout the years and believe it or not, this is a very personal event that I’m sharing…Everyone here are friends of friends from our social networks who have faith in the idea of the “Rough Draft Sessions”.

LISA: So what happens from here?

SAFON: The sky is the limit. I came into this with a proposal, and idea, and a passion.

Safon can be followed on twitter at or contacted via Facebook at Safon.Floyd.

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ZODCORE said... @ August 15, 2009 at 12:26 PM

HEY,HEY,HEY! I love art! I totally got check this Transit Lounge. Do ya thing Safon Floyd.